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 ABOUT THE BREED--             

The Miniature Silky Fainting Goat


If you would like to read about the beginings of this wonderful breed, please visit this link to the breeds history on the MSFGA website.....   

If you would like to read about the LOOK of this breed and its development as a breed.

Please use this link to the MSFGA page on the "Look"............

If you would like to read about the 'fainting' condition, also known as mytonia in goats, you can download that info here......

The Silky registry... MSFGA..does keep a list of owners on its website, by state.

If you are looking for people that have them, its a good place to start. However, some may not be current or they may not do breeding and are just owners. But you can find that here.....



The So Cal Miniature Silky Club

The So Cal Mini Silky Club started late in 2019, after talking about it for many years.  We are in the begining stages, working out the details and growing.  We hope to become a non-profit in he near future. 

Below you can find PDF files for club info like member benefits, membership types and applications. More info will be posted as we get it ready.

Membership Benefits

Membership Types

Membership Applications

If you have any questions, please email the club.  Our email is- - -

You can download, print, fill out and return an application via our email...  After approval, you will be contacted for details on how to submit fee.  Membership becomes active after fee is received by club.

Club has Venmo and PayPal set up using our club email.

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